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Saturday, May 01, 2004

You're trying too hard, folks

One of the things said about the war on terror was that it would send a message to other terrorist-friendly countries that they'd better shape up or have the same things happen to them. Qaddhafi says they'll give up their WMD to please America? Good, it's working! Vajpayee says that, after seeing what America can do, he'll try to tone things down with Pakistan? Good, it's working! Macedonia kills a bunch of innocents and calls them terrorists to please America? Nope, not working quite as planned. Look, fellahs, we want you to crack down on terrorism and WMDs and so forth within your country; if you don't have any, then you're all set!

This is similar to something that goes on in Bolivia (and probably other countries that I don't know as intimately) -- the US points out that the legal system's shot to hell, and they'd better fix it; so, they start arresting random people and putting them in jail to have larger numbers to please the US. I doubt that Macedonia was told, "apprehend so many terrorists by such-and-such a date," like the Bolivians were told, "apprehend so many criminals by such-and-such a date," but, even still, that's how they understood it.


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