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Thursday, May 06, 2004


I must be tired, or perhaps just human, for this made me cry.

Meryl's last link, on the other hand, made me livid.

I am also beginning to think that maybe the right-of-Sharon people who voted against his proposal may have a better understanding of the situation than the rest of us. Not necessarily that pulling out of Gaza is bad (that's a debate for another day), but that it will do more harm than good:
According to several Palestinian sources, the attack yesterday was timed to send a message to Ariel Sharon and his supporters that if there is an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, it will not take place in an atmosphere where Israel has the upper hand but rather amid Palestinian acts of opposition. "We will not allow Israel to withdraw unilaterally at the initiative of Sharon," one Gaza spokesman said in a broadcast on Gulf TV.
We'll give our list of demands, but you'd better not agree to any of them, because that would make it look like you're nice, and we want it to look like we're forcing you, that is.
Although there were no official PA comments on the Likud referendum, an Arafat aide said off-the-record that the Palestinians opposed any unilateral move on the part of Israel, even if it involved evacuating settlements.
Don't you dare do what we want of your own free will! We're only manly and successful if we kill you all, not if you agree to our requests!


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