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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Enlightenment

It shouldn't surprise me to find out that historical revisionism should have hit the Enlightenment -- they've hit everything else:
The Enlightenment has come upon bad times. In some circles, it is denigrated as the “Enlightenment Project”--a peculiar illusion, or delusion, of modernity, a time when such terms as “reason,” “nature,” “rights,” “truth,” “morality,” were used without benefit of quotation marks, and without the sense of irony befitting those “privileged” concepts. The Enlightenment project, one writer says, supposes, “a universal emancipation and a universal civilization,” which is nothing more than an embodiment of “Western cultural imperialism.”
It's still good to see someone standing up for it, though. (Link via OxBlog.)


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