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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Would you like some death with that, Mrs. Gandhi?

While it was clearly defensive, and while I completely believe them that they "specifically did not target the mosque", I don't think any of that will end up mattering. It's being reported everywhere in brief as "the US bombed a mosque and killed women and children at prayer." The truth won't always out. And you'd think they'd learn as Indira Gandhi did: no matter how justified, no matter how little people care about their own holy sites (if they're storing weapons in there and shooting from there and meeting there to plan out their next rampages, they care nothing for them as holy sites), it does no good to attack those places. There will always be masses of blind and hopeful people who can't fathom that anyone would use a holy place for unholy activities, and those blind and hopeful people will see you as the enemy of their God and will have your head.


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