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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Network News

I have major issues with Austin's ABC affiliate. On the subhuman savages, they said, "one year ago, US troops were rolling toward Baghdad. We were told they would be welcomed. Today we saw it was the opposite." That's right -- a group of subhuman savages speaks the opinion of the whole country.

The NBC affiliate, and Tom Brokaw, have been doing very little editorializing, what there is being of the "this is terrible, how could they do that?" variety. They have also shown clips of various Iraqis decrying it. When they report on crimes by one ethnic/religious group against another in this country, they are generally excellent about pointing out the many members of each group who'd rather just get along; they do not change their policy for Iraq. And Dan Rather, for the first time, seemed very comforting and calming. Haven't caught Peter Jennings, but I doubt I'll be watching Austin's ABC station anytime soon.


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