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Monday, April 19, 2004

Maturity and Blogs

Botman is getting some complaints over his tone. While I agree with the complaints, I think it's silly to tell him to get his own blog -- isn't TP now his blog as well? But, on the subject at hand, I see a huge difference between his style and Milton's. Milton's posts, while coming from roughly the same political perspective, have a mature tone and don't sound like they find Maureen Dowd an exemplar of literary style. I read them all and, while I may disagree, I believe I have learned from them and think they are adding various nuances to my own views. Same goes for David Adesnik when talking about domestic politics. Botman and all the others who think things like "BuSHitler" are clever titles serve only to alienate the other side. Then again, the same goes for those who like to talk about "HilLIARy Clinton" and "Joe LIEberman." Immaturity isn't restricted to the left.

What's more, Botman (and Owen, in that post) might care less about winning over the other side. Maureen Dowd (and her counterparts on the right, none of whom I can think of offhand) doesn't seem to aim to convince conservatives to go liberal or to point out things nobody's talking about or to make incisive arguments; she wants to write snarky semi-humorous pieces that preach to the choir, and she does quite well for herself that way. Botman's (and others') posts are on a blog, as opposed to being syndicated, for a reason: as far as I can tell, he writes what he wants and what he enjoys writing, not what he thinks the editors will like or will sell well. So, more power to him! But, if anyone influences me towards his point of view, rather than turning me away from it, it will be Milton.


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