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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Indian Elections

CNN's running an article with the headline, Violence mars India vote. Why not just run that whenever there's an election? Keep it in the wings alongside "Voting Irregularities Reported in Florida" and "Riots following World Cup match."

In any case, the only good news in that story is that Sonia Gandhi is gaining in polls. I know little of her political ability, but she's been so mired in it all her life that she can't be entirely inept. (I'd say she's likely to be less corrupt, but, hey, she's Italian-born! In truth, though, she hasn't had the corruption scandals of nearly every one of her opponents.) What's more, anything at all would be better than a government that calls for a ban on individuals deciding to convert to non-Hindu religions (but runs drives promoting conversion to Hinduism) and that asks for a western scholar to be extradited to stand trial (and probably be lynched) in the most mob-prone part of the country, among innumerable other problems. (I list only those two as they are the two most likely to affect me and friends directly.)

UPDATE: Gotta love a country that factors in time used for dealing with corruption and vote-rigging in their schedule of elections!


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