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Sunday, April 25, 2004


Every time I hear something like this:
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Two U.S. sailors died Saturday after a small boat they boarded off Basra, Iraq, exploded, a U.S. Navy spokeswoman said.
I feel like I'm not doing enough. Although I have enough money to live on quite well myself, I don't have any to spare to give. If I could find a military post that would take me with non-functioning knees and rods in my back, I'd sign up in a second, but that's not happening. I hope quite soon to start working at a homeless shelter/church/community center/thrift store place my church runs, but I sometimes feel that that's not enough. These people are giving their all, and they're signing up for more, knowing exactly what they're going into. I'm comfortable and lazy and not doing enough.

If anyone knows a place in Austin that needs donations of time -- all I can give -- let me know (although it's really unrealistic, as I'll be in India in a month, but it's nice to know for this fall). Oh, for WWI, when my knitting abilities would be useful! I'd love to be able to knit socks all day long and feel like I was doing some good. Not real nostalgia, though -- they've got it better now. It's just that I no longer have useful and helpful abilities.

I've got friends with boyfriends and husbands in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a high school friend who's probably headed that way soon. My old ladies at church have grandsons there. The ones who went with the goal of "killing ragheads" are burnt out and coming home; the ones (like my high school friend) who would rather not be there but feel they are doing their duty and helping people are the ones who are signing on to give themselves, to whatever extent required, for a people who are generally extremely grateful. That their gratitute is overshadowed by animals who would like nothing more than to see these helpers made into bloody pulp, well, that can't be blamed on the good people there. We've just got to remember that the animals killing the soldiers could care less about their own people (they obviously think nothing of taking out a few dozen civilians if a coalition soldier or two can be maimed in the process), and the ones who truly care are the ones giving up health, home, wealth, and even life to serve people they've got no obligation to save that given them by their faith, their country, and their morals.


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