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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I missed most of the talk; I recorded the first 45 minutes (with the tv off), but then Bob was over and I didn't want to discuss politics with him, so we watched Fargo. (Meh.)

The one part I did see, though, didn't look good: reporter asking a long and involved question one part of which was, "why are you and Cheney showing up at the commission together?" Bush understood it like I understood it, to be a question about the many things following the word "together," with that part as a preamble. The fellow then complained that his question wasn't about the rest of the things he'd asked at all, but instead about why they were going together when they'd been asked to be separate. Bush then said something entirely unrelated and moved on. (I know nothing of that issue, so I know neither the truth of the allegation of non-compliance nor the reasons behind it if true.)

Via the Professor I see that Bush did indeed answer many questions clearly and well. It seems to have been just coincidence that the only one I saw was one that was exceedingly poorly dodged (poorly asked too, but nobody's listening to phrasing of questions). Dodging questions doesn't look good. Perhaps people will overlook it in light of the many others that were answered directly; perhaps not.


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