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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Ahh, Feminism

Gotta love feminists, especially the ones who go into psychology and sex. It's apparently inherently sexist that women's genitals aren't as visible as men's. That people are shaped like phallic symbols. That men tend to be taller than women. And it's apparently subversive that women can be aroused without anyone else knowing about it, whereas men's arousal is visible. Because, you see, these are all political statements, not accidents of nature (or products of design). Only a man, who sees things in "facts" (you'd be surprised how often these women put "fact" and "truth" and "science" in scare quotes), would argue that it's a product of biology rather than of phallocentric patriarchalism.

I am having fun with the class I'm reading all this for, though. Not holding my tongue this time!


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