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Sunday, March 21, 2004


Just in from "Los Lonely Boys" at SXSW; they're fun.

And (unrelatedly) I see this NYT article (courtesy OxBlog) on Pakistan. Spot on. I'm afraid I've forgotten most of the examples from back when I did research on the subject, but my informed opinion at that time, remaining today, was this: Musharraf seems by far to be the least corrupt and dangerous of Pakistan's recent leaders. However, that's really not saying much, and is no reason why we should be so buddy-buddy. India's leaders may be fanatical despots, several of whom have a penchant for starting riots that invariably kill a few hundred people, but at least their evilness is only turned on their own people; I'd wager that, if you take out their mutual threat to each other, Pakistan is much more of a threat (directly or indirectly, through sale of nuclear info etc.) to other countries than India is.


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