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Sunday, March 28, 2004

My Bob: real-life Troll

As it turns out, Bob loves doing what so many internet trolls love doing: finding people with beliefs they think are silly and poking them over and over in the hopes that they'll get nettled and respond. Only, he does it in real life.

Whenever he's out shopping at electronics or computer stores, Indians come up to him and try to sell him on pyramid schemes. He always makes quite clear that he's not interested and will never be interested, and then agrees to go meet with them to discuss it. He then spends the evening pointing out flaws in their arguments, pointing out obvious contradictions, pointing out how stupid it all is... and they agree with him! Apparently, they're from the Dale Carnegie school of salesmanship, in which you never contradict your target; he says, "this is a pyramid scheme." They say, "yes, it is!" He'll say, "this makes no logical or economic sense." They'll say, "you're right!"

True, that's not the way internet trolls want you to respond, but Bob's not much of a one for real argument. I secretly think he goes to those meetings simply to have people insisting that everything he says is right!


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