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Monday, March 15, 2004

The Influence of the Media

One of the pleasures of being in Houston is the ability to go work out with the Texan roommate. She's bright, unimpeachably sensible, entertaining, and a welcome reminder that there are people my age with silly majors (she's Latin) who are not in academia eternally.

She also provides me with good insights. For example: we were discussing the bombings in Spain, a country she has lived in and knows well. She points out that it proves one thing: whatever groups did it, if they did it because they're angry about Spain being allied with the US in Iraq, they sure don't get all their news from the "unilateral war" New York Times!

(Perhaps that should be the new strategy: foreign countries who are our friends, make sure everyone reads only the NYTimes. Then nobody will be angry, because everyone will believe that the US has and deserves no friends, and therefore those foreign countries are not allied with the US and have nothing to fear from terrorist attacks!)


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