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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

India Bound

It's official; come June, for two or three months, this will become an India-blog. I have just been accepted to a language program in Madurai, South India. I'll still post on whatever comes to mind, but I'll also put a travelogue in and have more to say on South Asian issues.

With that in mind, both as I will want to post many many pictures and as I am sick of these colors and Blogger's permalink issues, I think I will finally make the jump to a different format. OxBlog will be the only blogspot blog I really know, then. So, all you MT / Typepad / something else users, plug your systems! Tell me what you like, what you don't like, what you think I should do, what you think I should be wary of. I won't switch instantly, but I will before this summer.

UPDATE: Same goes for people who have Blogger's paid service. Is it any better/worse? I heard stories at the beginning, about how it deletes half your archives during the switch... that still true?

Currently leaning nowhere, as both Trivial Pursuits and Bayou City Perspective (which sounds far too similar to a certain other blog) look nice. We'll see!


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