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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Born That Way?

The common argument is that people with homosexual impulses were "born that way" (in religious circles, the phrase is, "God made me this way); to suppress, try to change, outlaw, or otherwise try to curtail the free exercise of those impulses is to go against nature (or God).

With that in mind, what of people who get sex-change operations or otherwise insist that they do not and should not be made to identify with the sex on their birth certificate. They were born that way (male or female, that is), but that is no argument for staying that way if they don't want to.

My question is: do any transsexuals make the "born that way" arguments? If so, do they not realize how ridiculous they are? Furthermore, do the two sets of arguments not cancel each other out? It seems that each argument could be used as a counterargument to the other.


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