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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Affirmative Action by any other name?

So, I hear from an email that a Toledo, MA teacher is in big trouble after she said that her school system was "about to establish one set of performance standards for Hispanics and whites and a lesser standard for African-Americans." Quite correctly, this was complained about as racist. (Well, not exactly correctly -- the statement was called racist, not the different standards -- but the idea of different standards is what people are angry about.)

My question is: how is that any different from Affirmative Action programs? If not at the grade-school level, then at least at the college admissions level? It's not? Then why can't people see that AA in education, which has "one set of performance standards for" one group "and a lesser standard" for the other group, is just as racist and unacceptable?


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