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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Stupid Voters?

Instapundit looks at extremely biased reporting and says, "This is unusually transparent partisanship, even by the not-very-demanding standards of Big Media in an election year. The good news is that it is transparent."

I'm not so sure. Just because it's transparent to the Professor doesn't mean it will be transparent to Joe Schmoe. The average voter appears to be very easily convinced and to have little, if any desire to question the truth of everything they hear, from politicians, newspapers, and just about anyone else.

Case in point: they just showed a clip of John Kerry blaming Enron on Bush and his willingness to tolerate corporate greed. This statement was followed by cheers and applause. Not a single person there, apparently, was able to realize that the Enron affair was going on for years, long before Bush took office as President or as Governor, and it didn't get exposed until after the current presidency started.

What with such fools abounding, and so many people saying their primary source of political news is Saturday Night Live, it makes me long for some sort of political-literacy test (and common-sense test) before elections!


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