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Friday, February 27, 2004

Skin Deep

R. Alex Whitlock sent me over to (I'll be getting emails from them for life), where I took some very enlightening tests to determine my preferred physical type.

I already knew Bob wasn't my usual "type," but I was surprised to find out -- although I now realize that it's the case -- that I go for significantly older men. Ones with a hint or a full head of gray, at that. Like Patrick Stewart, Harrison Ford, and the grad student who asked me out several times last year. It said that's because they look more mature and reliable and less wild and boyish; won't argue with that!

For a lark, I took the woman-seeking-woman test; I'm much pickier there. I want them the Sanskrit ideal -- youngish (but "womanly, not girlish"), large on top, tiny in the middle, small on bottom, and often with interesting ("Mediterranean") noses and dark wavy hair.

My absolute ideal of perfection in both categories can be seen here, if you age him about eight years.


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