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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

A Pound of Pulp and Paste

Stories like this are why I love library sales and the like. Harvard's libraries are so full up with fabulous treasures that they have regular sales, including one (my favorite) at which books are sold at the rate of $5 per grocery bag. Not the Half-Price-Books method of "buy a box of books and hope there's something good inside!" either: you assemble your own grocery bags. That's how I got my pristine copies of Churchill's histories and a heavily annotated 1933 Fraktur imprint of Mein Kampf, among hundreds of others. UT, unfortunately or fortunately, is not as pressed for space as Harvard, nor does it have such a superabundance of the books I want.

Anyone know of upcoming library sales or massive used book scavenger hunts in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio?

In similar news, tomorrow I hope to start work as a volunteer conservator in the rare books library on campus.


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