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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Lesson of the Day

Lesson of the Day: if you say something's reprehensible, and the people doing it are black, you're a racist.

There is one line in the article that just jumped out at me:
The woman, who first told the police she had been raped, has been charged with making fictitious reports to law enforcement, prostitution and criminal theft by extortion.
I hear from so many feminists that it is anti-woman to ask for some evidence besides he-said-she-said when making a rape charge. "No woman would ever go through the trauma [of making an anonymous claim!] if she weren't telling the truth," they say. Well, here's one example; I could pull a dozen more out of a hat. This one, perhaps, from my own alma mater:
Margaret Pierce, a friend of Zedginidze's, sent a letter to Harvard: "I was immediately and continuously appalled by the indifference shown by University officials to the fact that this person might actually be innocent of the charges against him," she wrote. "I hate to say it because I'm a feminist, but it's a classic case of political correctness, it's a backlash."
(Apparently, when it happens to their friends, Harvard feminists will realize that their political correctness hard-and-fast rules are hogwash.)


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