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Sunday, February 22, 2004

A Lament

I bemoan the sorry state of modern academia!

I am currently reading what passes for a worthwhile academic book. The main thrust? Western society is bad and restrictive and limiting because it values Shakespeare more highly and sees it as of more lasting worth than "slam" poetry, and scholars of oral poetry are biased because they'll choose epics like the Odyssey and the Mahabharata over pithy proverbs and geneaologies. What's more, the reason modern North American oral poetry is worthwhile is that it expresses anger at whites, males, and conservatives.

Well, at least that's for a class about poetry; one language professor refers to every mistake as something "stupid enough for a Republican to say."

One of these days, I'll start writing letters to the Daily Texan taking a fun perspective; I'll berate them for their ethnocentricity in using English, for their upper-class superiority in using (well, intending to use) MLA grammar, for their archaism and restrictiveness in relying on antiquated notions of "truth" and "fact," for their sexism in spelling things "woMAN" and "perSON" and so forth, for their religious bias in using a Christ-centered dating system rather than a Jewish or Muslim or other calendar... man, that will be entertaining.


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