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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Home-Grown Scandal?

Word on the street is, our prettier-than-a-GQ-cover governor, Rick Perry, was found by his wife in flagrante delicto with the son of a Texas congressman. Just got in, so haven't heard anything else since 9am!

UPDATE: Dang, I'm never first on anything. BurntOrangeReport is all over this.

AND: as usual, it's not worth it to follow most of his links or read most of his comments. About as reasoned and calm as linking to LGF. And, most people say it's the Secretary of State.

UPDATE II: Some comments are worth reading, though, especially several on this post, which go into reasons why 1) it isn't too rational a story (who would have told, if it's the Secretary? Not him, not Perry, not the wife; I heard the story above, in which case the young guy could have spilled the beans while, I dunno, out drinking with pals) and 2) angry others can well be believed to have made the whole thing up (a la Kerry).


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