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Monday, February 16, 2004

Chaos in Australia

There is rioting going on in Sydney in a segment of the population that obviously has a lot of problems:
Millions of dollars have been poured into the area by charities and the state government, but to little avail. Crime is a way of life for young people, who grow up expecting to go to prison.
People are angry that their part of society is so oppressed (and, from what I hear, it's nothing but the truth to say that Aboriginal people are discriminated against), but money's not helping, obviously. (Also from what I hear, behavioral problems and lifestyle problems among them have also skyrocketed since the implementation of this welfare state.)

It all seems so bizarre to me. Bizarre, on the one hand, that people will discriminate against thoroughly qualified people (and see fit to rape their women and confiscate any material possessions they've accumulated, because "people like that can't come by money honestly, so it's obviously stolen anyhow", and so forth) simply because of their race or what their caste heritage is. Bizarre, on the other hand, that there are riots -- in Sydney, in Bombay, or in Cincinnatti.

Watching the Al Capone special on the History Channel awes me, to think that there was such terror and chaos just a few decades ago. And that there is such terror in so many parts of the most developed and "enlightened" world. I know it's all over the rest of the world -- I've seen it, friends have seen it -- but it's still so insane. Why will people (because of race, caste, creed, or football team affiliation) think that setting cars on fire, bashing in store windows, and beating up pedestrians is a good thing to do?


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