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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Anti-Catholic Cars?

One problem they had when I was in Germany (1997-1998) was overactive breathalyzers. They would fail you if you had any alcohol on your breath at all. Had some problems with people on their way home from church. Imagine that hooked up to your ignition! "You took communion? Nope, you need a designated driver!"

UPDATE: On a more serious note:
1) Breathalyzers already installed by law in criminals' cars don't work. Disable it, or get the one non-drinker in the crowd (or your kid -- why not?) to blow into it. Anyone already trying to drive drunk won't care about breaking the law further!
2) A commenter at R. Alex Whitlock's said that your car keeps a log of failures. NOT a pleasant idea. Go check that post.


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