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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Writer overcomes prejudice, changes mind

Woohoo! Another gun convert! (via Instapundit.)

She seems to realize what my strongly anti-gun mother has had to face with the Kid Brother: almost all boys (and a few girls) will play with guns, whether or not guns are provided. The author's elementary-school son would be reprimanded for shooting people with a banana; the Kid Brother chewed his breakfast toast into the shape of a gun and obliterated the family. The solution? Refuse to let boys play with anything resembling a gun, and certainly don't let them learn a thing about it, like my mother tried and most progressives hope to do? Hardly. As the article suggests, it is much better to teach them about the horrors of misuse and about safety and the proper way to use guns. A boy who's regularly taken out with his Daisy to get rid of Coke bottles and then helped to clean it afterwards is not going to be one of the anti-gun scare cases of the kid who finds his evil neo-confederate bad-parent father's gun and accidentally shoots his friend while playing with it and trying to figure out how it works; those cases are the product of the anti-gun culture of ignorance, which breeds curiosity without any safeguards.


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