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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Vermin Supreme for President!

Read the real District of Columbia: Board of Elections and Ethics: Voter's Guide -- Vermin Supreme! Strong Teeth for a Strong America! Together, we can turn up the brightness knob, of the future, tomorrow, today! All politicians are vermin. I am Vermin Supreme. I shall lie to you, because I can. I will Promise anything and deliver nothing. I am the peoples' candidate, you are the people.

Reminds me of a fellow at Harvard who was running for Student Council on a nearly identical platform. Well, without the gingivitis.

It's also somewhat amusing that Howard Dean didn't submit a platform in time, although Kucinich, Mosely Braun, and (ha!) Lyndon LaRouche did.

I like Lucian -- "I wanted to run for president, to replace Alan Greenspan, but I was charged with lewd conduct and found guilty, so now my platform is to get rid of the courts and replace it all with psychics -- they know the answers!"

Ah, the joys of DC.


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