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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Everyone else has said it better, so just a few thoughts:

-overall, many good points, few original ones (at least so me -- it seemed to surprise many, and not even reach Pelosi, how many people are with us in Iraq), some weird ones. What's that with steroids? In the State of the Union? huh? And I can do without schmalz, but I suppose it's unarguable that most people are swayed by it, so I suppose little Ashley can keep her letter.

-NBC makes me laugh. "Sanctity of Marriage" -- cut to Santorum. "Steroids are bad" -- cut to Brady. "Saddam's a bad guy" -- cut to Kennedy, shaking his head (or nodding off). Whenever Hillary Clinton clapped, apparently, they cut to her. She didn't get to look glum like the rest of the democrats. And, someone unidentified, someone I assume to be Zell Miller, clapping and standing off by himself in the democrat section. And the Joint Chiefs of Staff, standing or sitting or clapping as a group, never singly, although every once in a while one would lean over and ask the other if this point were one at which it would be appropriate to clap (I guess they're not supposed to show political leanings, although they can clap at praise of the military and more military spending).

All in all, entertaining.

UPDATE: here is one of the people apparently swayed by schmalz (at least, I think he's being serious here).

AND: I was talking to my new neighbor during most of the response, but... did Teddy Kennedy make a comment about the President not doing enough to save drowning people? Even metaphorically meant, that seems a bit... un-thought-out.


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