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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Patronising Fools

Oxblog's come up against a whiny something-or-other who's mad on behalf of Muslims that a joke was made and who makes the common (and just as commonly ludicrous) claim of "well, you'd throw a hissy fit if it happened to you!" Adesnik quite sensibly responds, no, we wouldn't.

When will they ever learn? I am made so happy by the Muslim groups, largely in England, who say: "have your Christmas trees, sing your carols; we know you're not forcing us to join in or preventing us from having our own; and for goodness' sake, stop treating us like eggshell-constructed whimpering infants ready to explode in massive violence at the slightest thing not to our liking, and stop telling us what you think we should be offended by!"


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