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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Maaaarvin Zindler, EYE-witness news!

I've been having a grand old time reading about The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Marvin Zindler, as we all know, got it shut down. I've heard, from the Dancer's father, who is with ABC, that Marvin Zindler is the only ABC employee with a lifetime contract, which was part of the deal to get him on board. At one time, he was considered the best investigative journalist around. Here's an example of his work:
'Sheriff! Sheriff! Sheriff!' Marvin could be heard yelling on the partially destroyed film.
The camerman said, 'Step on your brake, Marvin! Step on your brake, Marvin!'
'Get out! Get out!' ordered Sheriff Flournoy.
'It's not my fault. I was sent down here on assignment,' Marvin said.
'You (profanity). You ought to (profanity)!' the sheriff hollered.
'Sheriff, don't get mad at me. Sheriff, don't do that to me. Sheriff, please Sheriff! Sheriff, stop!' Marvin pleaded.
'You son of a (profanity)!' Sheriff Flournoy responded.
'He began immediately to yell obscenities at Marvin and he began to punch Marvin,' said Mark Vela, a former assistant DA. 'He grabbed him and was beating his head up against the car door, the window. I was sitting in the back seat. At that point he grabbed (Marvin's) hairpiece. He was in a rage! (He) began waving the hairpiece around and threw it out in the middle of the street.'

Hmm. I always thought Marvin Zindler was a bit old, what with his white suits, his blue glasses, and his televised plastic surgeries. I didn't realize he wore a toupee thirty years ago! Eh, you learn something new every day.


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