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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Gun Safety

The Angry Clam has an excellent post taking Detroit to task for a ridiculous article about Glocks.

There are basic safety measures anyone can and should use. I, for example, am a bit gun-shy and paranoid, so I keep my bedside revolver on an empty. I'm, surprisingly, a dead shot (surprising to me and to my West Point grandfather, whenever he takes me out), and, if needs be, I could pull the trigger several times in succession, so the empty doesn't bother me, but it does prevent any risk of it going off, say, should I somehow manage to sleep violently and bump/drop it. It's my grandfather's WWII revolver, so doesn't have fancy modern safeties to prevent such accidents, but, well, as one of the Clam's commenters says: guns have this habit of not shooting if they're not loaded and the trigger's not pulled. Simple as that.


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