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Friday, December 12, 2003


(I don't like that word; it brings to mind obscene behavior after the civil war. But, there's no other.)

If it is true that The first question that should come to mind when thinking about the contracts is not "Is this good for the United States?" but "Is this good for the people of Iraq?" ... perhaps the argument can be made that governments which obviously do not have the best interests of the people of Iraq in mind (be it that they argued against the war on political (not humanitarian) grounds, that they can reasonably believed to have opposed the war because it would threaten their economic deals with the country, or that they actually provided Saddam Hussein and his supporters with weapons during the time of conflict) should be excluded from the reconstruction. If they have been demonstrated to put "Is this good for our country?" ahead of "Is this good for the people of Iraq?" then they would have a lot to prove before they should be allowed to take a financial profit from the reconstruction.


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