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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Polyamory, anyone?

Now the Christians want in on the multi-love action:
"There can be fidelity in threesomes," Kolodny said. "It can be just as sanctified as anything else if all parties are agreed." But she was careful to stress that polyamory is unacceptable "if there is deceit."

Kolodny said polyamory does not usually involve simultaneous group sex. But there are exceptions, she admitted, as she recalled a friend of hers who shares a bed with his wife and male partner. When asked by a workshop participant how polyamory was different from "recreational sex," Kolodny responded that consensual recreational sex could be a part of polyamory. But polyamory usually involves some level of commitment and intimacy.

Her arguments against genetic hardwiring (or even predisposition) are interesting as well.


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