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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Polyamory, anyone?

Along with Eugene Volokh and many others, I see no legal difference between legalizing homosexual relationships and legalizing other relationships between consenting adults that do not fall into the one-man-one-woman category. I have been ridiculed here in the past for suggesting that there are polygamy and cousin-marriage advocacy groups. Anyone who has even a passing awareness of consent-law arguments would know such criticism is unwarranted -- as would anyone who has spent much time in Utah or among communities of immigrants from (often Western) countries where cousin-marriage is quite legal.

Anyhow, Scalia said it would come to this: Utah Polygamist Invokes Ruling on Gay Sex. Not that I am defending him against the charges of child rape or criminal nonsupport of children, but he's got a point -- now, he's got a legal foot to stand on when saying his consenting polygamous relationships are just as covered by "privacy" as consenting homosexual relationships.


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