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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Places I am glad not to live

How's this, from an old news clipping I have lying around: In Pakistan, thanks to a law made by Pres. Zia ul-Haq, rape (at least in 1984) "had to be substantiated by four male witnesses and the victim was required to identify the rapist. Safia, a 16-year-old blind girl, gave birth as a result of a double rape. To the Pakistani courts this made her an adulteress and she was sentenced to 16 public lashes and three years in jail."

Glad, very glad, I don't live in Pakistan. Met a woman with the US government in India; she had been moved from first Saudi Arabia and then Pakistan because government officials refused to meet with a woman. India, for all its faults, has no problems whatsoever (or, at least, no more than America) with women in high governmental positions, and, by comparison, very few problems with women in general.


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