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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

NPR to the rescue!

After writing the last paragraph of the post below, I turned on NPR for "All Things Considered." Who woulda' thunk it, but that bastion of extremist reactionary knee-jerk right-wing conservatism had a segment solely devoted to bashing the UN for being sissies about Iraq! (Ok, I admit it, the adjective isn't mine; it comes from my father, when I told him about the segment and he assumed I got it from (insert adjective here) 950AM, the station which carries Rush Limbaugh. He sputtered some when I told him it was NPR, a station even he can't deny leans rather left.)

They played soundbites from various Iraqis saying, in effect, "the UN didn't want to help Iraqis in the first place, and they tried to keep America from helping; when they finally went in, they didn't do much, and they ran the first time they got scared, unlike the Americans; they mess up every place they go; Milosevic's trial is pretty much an interminable opportunity for him to keep grandstanding until he goes to cushy exile in southern France; and now they want us to let them run the country and run Saddam's trial?" The NPR announcers seemed, curiously, to agree. The Kofi Annan quotes tossed in for balance seemed to have been selected so as to provide proof of the truth of the Iraqis' statements. (In fact, he sounded almost as if he could have written the post below!)

There is hope for the world, after all!


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