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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

UT Frats For War!

So a UT fraternity had a war-themed party last weekend, where the dress code was camo and the decor was aviation. The party has drawn them quite a bit of negative publicity: apparently, an anti-war campaigner made up fake flyers advertising the party as specifically celebrating deaths of Iraqi children.

Now, fake flyers are nothing new; that notwithstanding, "The IFC Judicial Board will investigate next week whether Zeta Psi violated the IFC code of conduct by intentionally engaging in a form of harassment." (Perhaps it's worse: perhaps that is acknowledging that they had nothing to do with the flyers; perhaps they are being investigated purely for having a war-themed party.)

They no more made ridiculous flyers than the pro-Dean people in Dartmouth made them; that said, just whom are they supposed to have been harassing?


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