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Monday, November 03, 2003

On Late Night Talk Show Hosts

Several months ago, I asked readers which of the late-night hosts they preferred. The consensus, I believe, was that Leno was personally better, Letterman has better guests (or it could have been the other way around), and Conan's the one worth staying up for.

I've been doing some comparison of my own, now that, thanks to the time zone, everyone's on an hour earlier. Apparently, I'm with the majority in choosing Leno. My reason's different: I prefer him because 1) he has eye candy like Dolly Parton and Arnold, 2) he does not have spots with the people voted off of Survivor, and 3) he has a Boston accent. He does have some terrible guests, though, so I generally watch his patter at the start and then see who's on which show. I tried Conan a few times, and I will watch him if I don't feel like sleeping and there's nothing else to do, but it's just not my cup of tea -- probably because I'm the kind of person who likes a cup of tea. Guys I know love his habit of heaping scorn on the audience and having bits with Jack Black and other SNL-types. Guys I know also enjoy the crass and repugnant skits in SNL and Mad TV. And they laughed when Will Ferrell told jokes about shit (literally) at Harvard's Class Day. I suppose it must be a guy thing!


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