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Thursday, November 13, 2003

On Excess Income

My new addition to the links section makes an excellent point about the living wage. Our lowest earners here in Texas, the illegal immigrants, send tons of money to Mexico. Obviously, they have more than enough to live on. Not more than enough to live on in Manhattan, probably (which is the main reason to oppose a national, rather than a state-set, minimum wage), but they clearly have surplus income in Texas.

I am now proudly financially independent; Bob does buy me dinner often, but I cook for him just as often, so it balances out. With my only source of income, my graduate fellowship, I am well below the poverty line; however, I have a luxurious apartment, money for driving to Houston twice a month, expensive food, a decent entertainment budget, and enough left over to pay off a trip to europe and travel out of state every month! (Berkeley last month; I'll be doing my Christmas shopping in NYC next weekend.)


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