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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

It's not bad, it's un-good

I think staying in academia might eventually drive me insane. One of my classes is currently on my pet topic, violent Hindu nationalism. But there's a twist, one I did not even come across at Harvard (although perhaps it was simply so widely understood that it was unvoiced): the teacher keeps emphasizing that there is no right or wrong in these situations and that we must remember there is a bias in our materials. I was hard pressed not to point out that perhaps it might be objectively wrong to impale babies' bodies on tridents and that a news report on the action might be straight reporting of something that should be unacceptable to any person, no matter what their religion. If the religion encourages the torture of innocents of other religions (or even of less-violent strains of the same religion), then the religion might be unacceptable. There are some things that ought not to be tolerated, and being biased against horrors is not necessarily a bad thing!


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