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Monday, November 10, 2003

Freedom of speech

This is one of the main reasons I'm opposed to "hate speech" legislation:
A bishop who angered homosexuals by suggesting they seek a psychiatric cure is to be investigated by police to see if his outspoken views amount to a criminal offence, it emerged yesterday.
Martin Reynolds, the communication director of the LGCM, welcomed the investigation into what he described as 'scandalous' views. 'These are irresponsible remarks that could inflame latent homophobia,' he said.

This is not just a restriction on expression within a child custody case, which is heinous enough (and which I have now seen in other news outlets). This is not about making a child doubt the morality of the mother's former lover's behavior. This is about expressing commonly-held opinions, opinions held by many of those concerned (people who know through their own experience that desire for the same sex can be changed, in at least their own cases, to desire for the opposite sex; and people who believe, from their own experience, that desire for the same sex can stem from childhood neglect, absent father, violent father -- all of them things that psychological disorders are often blamed on). If a man now says, "I once considered myself homosexual; through therapy I have been freed from that self-destructive hell, and, if you think it's hell, and you want out (and you should), you should try it too!" -- something I have heard many men and not a few women say -- well, he can be charged with a crime.


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