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Saturday, November 15, 2003

The Daily Texan on Race and Achievement

The Daily Texan is a surprisingly good paper. Very centrist (I assume -- it seems remarkably conservative to me, coming from a place where we'd all jump up and down and clap our hands when conservative viewpoints were well-presented, but campus conservatives refer to it as a "liberal rag"), fairly good reporting of campus events, frequent opinion pieces from other campus newspapers around the state and country, incredibly poor copy editing, and excellent layout for the most part.

One of the very pleasing articles lately touches on a current hot topic at UT, the uses of Affirmative Action. We've had the basic arguments: those who don't like AA are racist bigots; AA doesn't extend to all minorities at the college level (Asians, for example) nor does it take into account actual disparity in background and opportunity; any Asians who believe that are self-hating "model minority" pawns; etc. Some fools have written in to say that, since Asians are under-represented in low-paying civil service jobs (like postal work), they're being discriminated against!

Obi Ihekweazu, on the other hand, steps back from judging it all on skin color and decides that "success is not determined by race, but rather by the nature of one's personal environment and upbringing." Nigerian-Americans, high-achieving dark-skinned people (of which he presumably is one), are his main example. He makes good arguments; additionally, he writes well, which is refreshing. Go read it!


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