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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Constitutional Right to Abortion

I keep hearing about a constitutional right to abortion. I know that there most certainly is nothing of the sort in the original document or in the amendments (speaking of which: what's all that about twenty dollars?), but they must be getting it somewhere.

While most of the people claiming a constitutional right probably do believe that there is one enumerated (they've just never read the constitution, so they don't know for themselves), I don't think everyone is just pulling it out of thin air. (I wonder how many of the ignorant masses would change their mind if told to find it in the constitution? When you inform uneducated opponents of genetically-modified food that, living in America, they're probably eating GM food every day, they do tend to say that perhaps it is harmless.) So: where do they get it? Is it all back to the Fourth Amendment and "The right of the people to be secure in their persons"? Or is it about the Thirteenth and "involuntary servitude"? It would seem rather a stretch for either, especially the latter.


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