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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Bobby Jindal in Indian news

I've just figured out why Bobby Jindal isn't getting as much play in Indian news as he might -- as, indeed, people running for state legislatures have gotten: apparently, "the Jindals are both former Hindus converted to Catholicism."

I haven't been over to the HinduUnity webforum in a few months; they've probably been talking about how it's all a sinister plot to 1) hand control of America to Muslims (you have no idea. They believe it), 2) convince the West that it is possible and acceptable to convert from Hinduism if you are brown-skinned, 3) make sure that any slots AA would give to Indian-Americans are taken by traitorous Christians...

Converts from Hinduism to Christianity aren't seen in too favorable a light there; no wonder he's only landed himself a few articles in my weekly Indian news crawl.


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