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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Another Conspiracy Theory

There is actually no loony anti-war left.

Just like the more egregious collegiate racist attacks keep turning up to be fake, put forth by people trying to emphasize there is racism on campus by pretending there is racism on campus, I propose that all the crazier people in the anti-war marches are actually conservatives trying to make the left look bad.

And I have proof, too: Some people even have videotapes of themselves "protesting the protesters" with signs that are off the left end of the spectrum (one would hope); onstensibly, this is to make the protesters see the implications of their arguments, but in fact it is with the hopes of getting on the news and appearing like a real protester, thus making the sincere and harmless left look bad. Even I have been having fun in the past month, taking a position far to the left of the left-leaning person I encounter; it's remarkably entertaining, and it furthers the conspiracy.

So, the mayor of London, the pro-Saddam people, International ANSWER? All right-wingers trying to make the left look bad. And I've got my suspicions about Dean.


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