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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Study: UC Berkleley rebuffed highly quality applicants in favor of others

(From Best of the Web)
Even ignoring the headline, obviously written by one of the "others," the article is disturbing:
nearly 400 students were admitted to UC Berkeley in 2002 with SAT scores falling between 600 and 1,000, well below the 1,337 average for last year's total admitted class.

Now, I understand that there might be mitigating circumstances. My mother, for example, with nearly straight A's at a good school, barely broke 800, simply because she freezes up and panics in testing situations. So, perhaps this is just people who don't test well, right? Not always:
Berkeley officials said some of those high-scoring students that were denied admission had relatively low grade-point averages.

So, people who across the board do not have good academic records are being allowed in. Why? They must have their reasons -- what could they be? Either they're great athletes, or... well, the SacBee draws its own conclusions. I can't load the Angry Clam, or I'd tell you what he thinks as well.
UPDATE: here it is. He thinks it's race.


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