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Sunday, October 26, 2003

On Silly Protesters

Some day I'm going to go to one of these silly protests; I'm going to wear my mother's old funky hippie clothes and have a blast being loony for a day! I've had practice being an off-the-edge moral relativist and beyond-the-reach-of-logic liberal&feminist, as I occasionally take their side in a discussion just for kicks. Ah, it would be a blast.

Yeah? you think we shouldn't have gone in? Well, you know, I think you're right; even if they say it's all about protecting people from Saddam's tyranny, you know, I think they're his people, they elected him, and who are we to say his way of ruling is wrong, you know? Plus, they use less machines there. Want one of my homemade candles? I no longer use electricity. Bad for the environment, you know.


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