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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

On the Honor-Killing of non-Muslims

This is horrendous:
LONDON, England (Reuters) -- A Muslim businessman has been jailed for life by a British court for the murder of his teenage daughter's Christian boyfriend in the second case of so-called 'honor killing' in the UK in just over a week. . . . Before Tuesday's sentencing, the Old Bailey heard how Ahmed [the father] lured Hasani [the boyfriend] to his factory in east London, where he bound, gagged and beat him up. Hasani, who was seeking asylum in Britain, was left to slowly suffocate to death.
If you all knew the number of people -- the number of early-twenties American-born students! -- I know who have told me they think this kind of killing is entirely defensible, you would be scared stiff to ever consider pursuing even the most apparently willing Muslim girl.

Something is damned wrong in that culture.


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