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Thursday, October 16, 2003

On the Correlation Between Intelligence and Political Leanings

As happens quite often (forming the main reason I look up to him so much), Josh at Oxblog has said my thoughts, but much better written:
Matthew [Yglesias] asks for suggestions of 'some smart, young (i.e., under-35) conservative journalists.'

The comments are incredibly vitriolic. One of the more restrained commenters claims that seeking smart conservatives is 'like seeking a cow that understands calculus.' A follow-up by another commenter suggests that the precocious cow is actually a more likely find.

This really amazes me. Are people really so sure of themselves that they simply cannot acknowledge that anyone who disagrees could be intelligent?

Exactly. And the next time I hear someone say, "the reason surveys show the vast majority of people in the media or in top-ranked universities vote Democrat or further left is that nobody who would vote otherwise is smart enough to make it into either field," I think I'll scream.

UPDATE: Then again, what with substandard drivel such as UT's "Contumacy" being published as campus conservative newspapers, I'm not surprised where some people are getting their opinions on the academic right. (No, I haven't read their past issues -- I picked the current one up, read it cover to cover, and was embarassed by nearly all of it; the past issues may be better. And yes, their main talking points are accurate conservative positions -- otherwise they would not be considered conservative. They just plain flat-out are incapable of writing in any manner liable to get them into real journalism, unlike their Harvard parallels.)


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