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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

On Californian Red Tape

From Citizen Smash:
MORE on those idle C-130s from Bill Simon:
While homes burned, it was evident that fire-fighting resources were stretched to the limit and it appeared that nothing more could have been done. But sitting on the ground at the Channel Island Naval Air Station in Ventura County were the Air National Guard C-130 aircraft that had been outfitted to fight wild fires.
Here in San Diego, Mayor Dick Murphy has asked for and received assistance from a Coronado-based Navy helicopter squadron specially trained and equipped to fight wildfires.
But the fires are no longer burning inside the city limits, and the California Department of Forestry will not allow the helicopters to join the fight in the County's unincorporated areas, because the pilots weren't certified by the state of California.
One word from our governor could cut through that red tape, but he has so far failed to provide an adequate explanation as to why he hasn't acted. Local leaders have appealed to the Mr. Davis, but the helicopters remain grounded at an airfield in Ramona.
Bureaucracy can be frustrating. But the mark of a real leader is the ability to cut through red tape and make things happen in a time of crisis.
And people wonder why we recalled this guy.


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