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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

On Supernatural Power

Every once in a while, it's nice to come across something concrete that confirms your belief in a power greater than yourself. A lady at my church this past weekend, a lady who has suffered from cripping shoulder pain for five years, was prayed for and healed on Saturday. Praise God!

Oh, I know, it's a coincidence; she had a pinched nerve and during the prayer it got jostled to be unpinched, right?

But I've seen quite a few people with similar muscular/nerve problems, as well as with migraines, who were suddenly healed during prayer. But that's all psychosomatic; they were emotionally tense, and they expected to have that physical pain relieved, so it's all just a product of their minds, right?

But I've seen a girl with a visibly deformed leg be visibly healed during prayer. People I know and trust have seen gaping wounds closed, have seen people raised from the dead, have seen the blind since birth gain sight and the deaf since birth hear. It's hard to fake those things.

Sure, this may well be the work of some benevolent supernatural power who doesn't jibe with my conception of "God," but it's quite clear that there's something beyond what science can explain going on in the world.


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